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2020 Association Raffle

Hello Parents,

AMBA has decided to focus on one large fundraiser this year, our association wide raffle is back!

We had great success last year with our raffle, so doing it again this year only makes sense.

For those that aren’t familiar with how it works here you go:

Each family (not player) in our association is responsible for one $50 book of tickets. Each book has 10 tickets. If you would like more than one book please let us know. We are happy to provide additional books upon request.

You can choose to sell off your tickets and recover the $50 you paid up front or keep the tickets for yourself and take your chances at 1 of 5 prizes.

Prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize: $1000.00

Secondary Prizes: 4 – chances at $250.00

For the families that haven’t registered yet, the raffle cost will be added at time of registration. If you have more than one child registering with us the idea is to add the raffle cost with the oldest child.

If you have already registered with us we have added the raffle cost to your account. Please pay at your earliest convenience. We will be sending email reminders out to this group informing them of the addition to their registration. Sorry for any trouble this might cause. This was something we couldn’t add before the board was voted in.


If you have any questions about the raffle please contact Dan, VP of Administration.



AMBA Board


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