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New for 2020 – Epact Network online Medical Forms

Hello Parents/Players,

AMBA is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Epact Network for the 2020 season. Epact is an online medical form system that allows our coaches and managers access to their players medical info in case of an emergency thru an app on their phones. We as an organization have made an effort over the past couple of years to reduce our paper waste. This is another positive step in that direction.

Last year we moved away from paper registration with the successful introduction to the Team Snap program. We also created a new more user friendly website for everyone to access. This helped us remove the coaches and managers paper binders that we where doing in the past.

Epact will work as follows:

Register your child as usual through our website for the upcoming 2020 season. Once that is complete you will be sent an invitation to Epact via email. Please follow the instructions and fill out the forms in full. As per our policy in the past, players will not be permitted to play until their Medical forms are filled out. The great news is that you only have to do this once. Every year after this one the info will already be there. All you have to do is make sure it is current.

Birth certificates:

You will be prompted to add a copy of your child’s birth certificate to your Epact profile. We know that anyone already registered with AMBA in the past has sent a copy to Heather. As most of you know Heather left us far to soon last year and with that a lot of the things that she did, we have not be able to recover. One of those was her files with everyone’s birth certificate. So we need to start fresh, this means everyone has to do it one more time for the new system we are introducing.

Epact is a system that coaches can access straight from their phones. Rather than trying to find a bunch of papers in their equipment bag or if they where left with the team manager and they don’t happen to be there when you need them. The system works even if you have no signal. The info is downloaded directly to the phone so all the records can be viewed offline in the event we have a situation where cell phone signals go down. We like the idea of easy access for those that need it in case of an emergency. Our #1 focus will always be player safety.

If you have any questions or issues during signup please email our Web Administrator.


AMBA Board

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