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The Township Baseball Board is pleased to finally announce the 2021 Tryout and Training schedules for  our high-performance programs! This has been a long process with a lot of uncertainties… but we have  worked hard with the Township of Langley to secure the use of the Aldergrove Batting Cages under very  strict guidelines. We are limited to the numbers of athletes and coaches in the facility, but we have  somewhere to train and run through the tryouts.  

We know that it would be more ideal to have full gyms or other facilities to run this process, but the  tryouts & training will look different this year as we have had to adjust. Our program will be run in four  (4) Phases: 

Phase 1 - Winter Warm Up – 1 Week – this will give the athletes an opportunity to get back to baseball  and train with our Head Development Coach, Joe Germain. A total of three hours per group working on  fundamentals of Baseball.  

Phase 2 – Tryouts 2 Weeks – There will be four sessions per athlete for this phase of the process with  the expectation that athletes are going to all four of these sessions. Joe Germain & newly named College  Prep Head Coach Russell Kennedy will be running these evaluations and there will be no input from the  coaching staff during this phase. Selections will be made to move into the next phase of the process from here. 16 players into the AAA group and up to 16 players into the AA group. Remaining players will  be released back to their home association for the Single A season. 

Phase 3 – Winter Development – 4 Weeks – The AAA & AA groups will continue to tryout and train. Joe  &/ or Russ will again be working with the groups during this phase and the coaches will be supporting  the development. This will run twice a week for four weeks. We may be able to get out onto a field  during this phase if the weather cooperates. Coaches may add other development (Pitching & Catching)  as needed at an additional cost.  

Phase 4 – Teams Formed and Training – The AAA team will be formed by February 21st with final  releases to AA. The AA team will have another two weeks to make final releases. Team to be formed no  later than March 7th.  

** at any point during these phases, if an indoor facility (TWU or LEC) become available, we will move  what we can indoors.  


- Phase 1 – Winter Warm-Up - $50 – January 4th – January 10th o U15 - Group 1 

▪ Monday, January 4th – 5:30-7pm 

▪ Saturday, January 9th – 12:40-2:10pm 

o U15 - Group 2 

▪ Monday, January 4th – 7:10-8:40pm 

▪ Saturday, January 9th – 9:00-10:30am 

o U15 - Group 3 

▪ Tuesday, January 5th – 5:30-7:00pm 

▪ Saturday, January 9th – 2:20-3:50pm 

o U15 - Group 4 

▪ Tuesday, January 5th – 7:10-8:40pm 

▪ Saturday, January 9th – 10:40-12:10pm 

- Phase 2 – Tryouts - $125 – January 11th – 24th o Monday, January 11th – 5:00-8:40pm 

o Tuesday, January 12th – 5:00-8:40pm 

o Saturday, January 16th – 9:00am-3:50pm 

o Monday, January 18th – 5:00-8:40pm 

o Tuesday, January 19th – 5:00-8:40pm 

o Saturday, January 23rd – 9:00am-3:50pm 

- Phase 3 – Training - $150 – January 25th – February 20th o U15 AAA  

▪ Mondays – 5:00-7:55pm 

▪ Saturday – 12:40-3:50pm 

o U15 AA 

▪ Wednesday – 5:00-7:55pm 

▪ Saturday – 9:00am-12:10pm