Volunteer Coordinator - VACANT

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Aldergrove Minor Baseball is a volunteer-run Association and, therefore, requires all families to help in order to keep the
registration fees down. Baseball is a team sport that promotes skill & leadership development, friendships and life skills all while
getting outdoors and getting some exercise. We want to make sure that ALL children have the opportunity to play the wonderful
game regardless of their financial situation. Without volunteers, we would need to hire out these jobs at a cost. Thanks to all of
you for your continued support.

Hours Required:

Each family is required to complete four (4) hours of volunteer work from the Rally-Cap to the Midget divisions. At registration,
each family is required to provide us with a $250.00 volunteer deposit cheque.
If a family is not able to volunteer at all, they will have chosen the volunteer opt-out package at the time of registration and will
have paid their $250.00 volunteer opt-out at that time.
Should a family decide partway through the season that they will not be able to volunteer, then an email must be sent to the
AMBA Registrar and request that their Volunteer Deposit cheque be cashed.
Otherwise, if volunteer hours are not complete; cheques will be cashed on or before July 1st.

Parents need to keep track of their hours on the Parent Volunteer Summary Form. The master copy of this form is given to each manager. Please inform your team manager when you have completed your hours. They will record it on the master copy that must be submitted at the end of the season.
Volunteer support from parents/guardians/family members is vital to  Aldergrove Minor Baseball’s success. Without
volunteers, the Association would not exist.

Volunteers like you are what makes Aldergrove Minor Baseball an Annual Success !!!

Jobs that Qualify for Volunteer Hours:

1. Executive Positions - Comprised of the following:

(a) * Board (Voting Members) - President, 2 Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors
(b) ** Coordinators (Non-Voting Members) - Including but not limited to (as voted on by the Board) - Divisions (8),
Batting Cages, Field Allocation, Special Events, Volunteer, Umpire, Sponsorship, Equipment, Tournament and Website
* Executive Board Members are voted in by its members at the AGM held in October.
** Coordinators are volunteers who fill specific roles throughout the season that are imperative to help keep our
association running smoothly and are appointed. If you wish to become a coordinator, please reach out to Aldergrove
Minor Baseball’s President.

2. Coaches & Managers:

Each team can have as many coaches that they want, but only 1 Head Coach and 2 Assistant Coaches will receive their
hours. 1 Manager will also be eligible for their hours.

3. Association Jobs

Hours will be counted only for jobs that are deemed to be a benefit to the Association. These include but are not
limited to (Board approval required prior to event):
Pre-season field setup, in-season league run field maintenance, post season field take down, Association-run
tournament duties (pitch counting, score keeping, field maintenance) and special events (pancake breakfast, in-person
registration, fun day, Christmas parade, volunteer appreciation night).
NOTE: All Team-associated roles DO NOT constitute volunteer hours and are the responsibility of ALL parents. These
include and are not limited to: Scorekeeping, pitch counting, field set up (line & rake fields), and field take down (rake
and tarp field)
Aldergrove Minor Baseball Association has, again, decided to contract out the Concession for the 2019 season.
Therefore, volunteers will NOT be asked to complete hours in the concession.

Bantam & Midget Level Hours:

The Bantam & Midget divisions will once again have the players complete their family’s hours through the Mentorship program.
Each player will need to participate in 2 clinics teaching baseball to the Mosquito and Pee Wee players. If a senior player is
unable to attend these sessions, alternate arrangements will be made through the Volunteer Coordinator to accommodate the
required hours.

NOTE: All Bantam and Midget players are expected to participate in these clinics regardless of their parents completing their
hours (ie. Coaches, Managers or Board Members). If you have any questions or concerns about the Volunteer program, please
email our Volunteer Coordinator.