We want our Umpires to look sharp and act professionally. We urge all of our officials to comply with the following Dress Code at every game:

  • Black Collared Shirt
  • Black undershirt
  • Black or dark Blue Jacket
  • Grey or Black Pants (no sweats)
  • Black Cap (no logo unless BCBUA)
  • Black Belt
  • Black Socks
  • Black Shoes **Steel Toe Shoes highly recommended for plate work, but not mandatory**
  • Cup: Mandatory for Plate work and recommended for Base Umpires.

AMBA provides a Ball Bag Kit (Plate Brush/Indicator/Bag) to all junior umpires as well as supplying Masks, Shin Guards, and Chest protectors for all four diamonds. Anyone interested in purchasing umpire gear can order through the official Provincial supplier at